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We the bikers need a say on the road. Roads across India are congested and clogged with Traffic.

Safely of rider in India is left to the prayers.

What we demand:
  1. Separate lanes for bikes.
  2. Increased safety measures for bikers.

Why we should get this:
  1. We reduce traffic.
  2. We save environment. Fuel consumption of 2 wheels is average one fourth of the four wheelers.
  3. We did a small study and found that one fourth of the traffic during the peak hours is that of people going to some place to drop their spouse or that of cabs. Irony is they know to drive 2 wheelers well, but only because it is so unsafe, they need to dropped off to their destination by a car
  4. Road rage? Heard of road rage cases in case of bikes? Not many.

Bikes are fun. They are a boon to Indian traffic.

We only demand a separate lane for the bikers. We demand our safety on roads.

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